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Become a digital global ambassador for your country and community by sharing the GLB mission to educate, empower and enlighten to help solve global issues.

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Donate crypto, credit, or NFTs to our auctions. Crypto and NFTs are considered property with IRS and therefore can offset capital gains taxes. Please consult your tax advisor .


Create a personal campaign or help fundraise for a charity project/ organization. Reach your milestones with transparent, blockchain cryptocurrency donations, NFT's or traditional donations

Our Introduction

Help us Support Charity Campaigns and Create a Community of Global philanthropists

Using transparent Blockchain donations and  digital art  as NFTs  to help those in need. We will accept NFT donations and auction them for  your chosen charity.  Every personal campaign

  • support those affected by natural disasters
  • help solve environmental issues 


We are calling all budding and NFT artists to donate a NFT to our gallery and auctions. Gain tax and karma benefits while raising awareness for your favorite cause or charity. When your NFT is sold you will receive a donation receipt from your chosen charity. If you would like to donate to individual campaigns or create your own personal campaign , the choice is yours. “ Fundraising is the the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving”.- Henry Rosso


We have all heard the buzz about Bitcoin and crypto but , many still don't understand the terminology or have a knee jerk reaction when they hear about it.. just like anything that is “ new” to the masses there is resistance in the media . Not all crypto are created equal and not all uses are positive. However, at GiveAlilBit we are using the power of crypto to help people globally via decentralized transactions, transparency and using the beauty of NFT art to unite us beyond borders, race, and countries. Cryptonation is our sister site to help educate about the blockchain industry.

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Our Goal Is To Make Your Life Better

Our Mission: Educate, empower, enlighten and help provide resources for those in need.
Our Vision: We will provide financial and mindset education and resources to individuals.
Our Benefits: Charities will have a new demographic of donors. Donors will receive karma tax benefits to offset capital gains taxes in the US. 
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